About us

Who are we?

We are collectors based in Singapore who privately import retired Ty Beanie Babies, Beanie Buddies, Attic Treasures, Classics and Swibco Puffkins for sale to discerning collectors.

We have been in this business for over 10 years and have quite a number of the older retired designs in stock.

We are not affiliated with Ty Inc or Ty Asia in any way.

Why are we doing this?

When we originally started out, Ty had no presence in Asia and collectors had to try their luck ordering off the net, bidding in online auctions or purchasing from secondary market dealers like us.

Now that Ty is firmly established in Asia, our position has changed to become complimentary to their operations. They sell the current and new releases through their appointed retail outlets, and we carry the older designs which were never officially sold in Singapore through the Ty network.

Trivia: Ty Asia borrowed Beanie Babies and Beanie Buddies from The Baby Seal for photography for their press releases when they first launched the company in Singapore as their own stock hadn't arrived in Singapore yet!

Large variety

Ty has hundreds of designs of Beanie Babies, but not all of these designs are retailed officially in Singapore, and most of them tend to be the current designs. As a result, many turn to the secondary market for the other designs, or try their luck on the internet.

We try to keep as wide a range of (only genuine) Beanie Babies and Beanie Buddies as possible.


Our prices are based on the market values and this depends on how much we have to pay to get them from secondary dealers overseas (mainly US, UK, Germany, Canada or Japan). These prices have included the shipping and conversion rates from wherever we source them from.


We ensure that ALL the Beanies we sell are the genuine items, and any fake Beanies we receive will be put aside and NOT be sold. We cannot bring ourselves to deceive other people  - there are many unscrupulous sellers around so beware. We understand that disappointing feeling when you look forward to receiving a particular Beanie only to discover that it is a fake. If you feel that any of our Beanies are not up to your standards, you can always decline to buy them at the point of sales. In fact, we have been approached by 'enterprising' people who wanted to supply us with 'Beanies' directly from China, an offer which we flatly refused.

We have a network of reputable Beanie dealers all over the world, and we get almost all our Beanies from this same group of people to ensure a consistent high quality for the Beanies we bring in, and more importantly, the assurance that the rarer Beanies we bring in are genuine since they have already been screened through by our suppliers once already. We will of course check them again and only put them up for sale when we ourselves are satisfied that the Beanies are genuine.

What else we do have?

We also have Beanie accessories like tag protectors and display cases, so you can better protect your Beanie collection. Collectors of more traditional jointed teddy bears may be interested in the Attic Treasures range, while regular plush toy lovers can pick from the Classic range.

We also have some Puffkins, which we find to be extremely cute and affordable. Many customers have also used us as a resource to find and procure hard-to-find and very rare Beanie Babies, knowing that we do not charge any premium for the additional service and that we take pride in ensuring that the Beanies they order will be the real items.

In our collection, we also have Teenie Beanie Babies, Disney plush toys, Hello Kitty plush toys, McDonald's Collectibles and Coca-Cola Collectibles.

How to buy from us?

You can simply click on the item that you are interested in. In the product page, click on the 'Add to Cart' button to place the item in your Shopping Cart. Select 'Check Out' when you are ready to proceed with your order, otherwise, you may wish to 'Continue Shopping' and then click on the 'View Cart' button (near the top right hand corner of the page) later to view your order.

Once we have received your order, we will mail out an order confirmation to you. When we have received your payment, the parcel will be mailed out to you within 24 hours.

Please read our Payment and Shipping pages in this Site to understand better how we serve to fulfil your orders.

International Customers

We welcome customers from all over the world, and offer the same prices, special offers and promotions when available just like to any local customer.

We have vast experience in fulfilling international orders and our products are packed with care to ensure the toys' safe journey to their new homes overseas.